Hooked Rabid – Episode 2 Full Story

Multiple reports of squirrel attacks in Brooklyn and Queens. Except for emergencies, remain inside. News Alert

Stephanie, answer me! Archer

Are you OK? Archer

Where are you? Archer

I’m back in the hospital. Stephanie

You got bitten AGAIN? Archer

No. I ran away before the squirrel could get me. Stephanie

But then I tripped down some stairs and broke my arm. Stephanie

Oh, poor sweetie! Archer

Are you sure it was going to attack you? Archer

You saw the alert! They’re attacking people again! Stephanie

In Brooklyn and Queens. Not here in Manhattan. Archer

I’m sorry I can’t come out to be with you. Archer

They’re telling everyone to stay inside just in case. Archer

My mom says… Archer

Listen Archer… Stephanie