Hooked Rabid – Episode 2 Full Story

I’m flying home to Milwaukee tonight. Stephanie

There was one seat left on the plane. Stephanie

Apparently other people want to get out of here too. Stephanie

I’m going to stay with my parents while my arm heals. Stephanie

My boss said it would be okay. Stephanie

But I didn’t even get a chance to see you! Archer

I know, but all this stuff with the squirrels has really taken a lot out of me. Stephanie

I just want to go home and be taken care of. Stephanie

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. Stephanie

You of all people should understand that. Stephanie

Do I detect some sarcasm there? Archer

Maybe a little. You know how I feel about you living at home. Stephanie

I’m getting close. I looked at a few apartments the other day. Archer

Oh yeah? See anything good? Stephanie

No. They weren’t quite right. The agent knows of some others though. Archer