Hooked Room Service Full Story

Hi! I made it! Puerto Vallarta is awesome. Tanya

How’s your room? Shelly

Oh my goodness. It’s so nice. Five Star hotels are Five Star Hotels for a reason. I only wish I could stay longer. Tanya

How long is your biz trip? Shelly

They’re just having me interview the founders of the conference and get out, so I’m just staying a measly two days! Tanya

That’s too bad. Maybe call in sick? Stay an extra week? Shelly

ha. ha. Yeah, right. We’ve had to make so many cuts in the newsroom that the whole place is pretty much run by me, Dan, and two other guys. They’d never forgive. Tanya

You work too hard! Take a break little sis. Have some fun. Your kids are fine. Go to the spa, order some room service. Shelly

You’re right. I know you’re right. But, you know, it’s my career and all. I DID choose this… Tanya

Doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Take a night off and relax! Work tomorrow. Shelly

After I prep a little for this interview, then yes. Tanya

GIRL! You’re ready for the interview. Take a break for once. Shelly

Fine, fine. I’m running a bath. You happy?? Tanya

Very. Enjoy chica! Ricky and Alexis say they miss their mommy and they’re having a good time and eating all the candy I can find. Shelly

Ug. You’re paying the dentist bill then. Tanya

Yo Shell! I wish I could send you a pic of this! Lap of luxury. Ordered room service and am now eating crab legs in a bathtub. Pretty nice! Tanya