Hooked SafeHaven – Episode 2: Plans Full Story

SafeHaven chat. 02/06/17 3:26 PM.

patientzero is connected.

Hi, Dr. Took. patientzero

Dr. Took is connected.

You went offline during our last session, patientzero. I was concerned. Dr. Took

I know. I’m sorry. patientzero

I have a few minutes to chat. Can you tell me what happened since we spoke on Thursday? Dr. Took

Nothing happened. I spent the weekend drunk. That’s all. patientzero

I’m trying to figure all this shit with my brother out. patientzero

How are you feeling towards your brother now? Dr. Took

You’re asking if I’m still going to kill him, aren’t you? patientzero

Have you made a plan to do so? Dr. Took

Look, lady. I get that you don’t know how it feels but I can’t confess. patientzero

I can’t go to jail, and I can’t let my brother murder me. patientzero

I have no choice. patientzero