Hooked SafeHaven – Episode 3: Duty Full Story

SafeHaven chat. 02/06/17 5:13 PM.

Dr. Took is connected.

Mr. Hewitt, I am a therapist under your management at SafeHaven. We haven’t talked before but I need to speak to you now. Dr. Took

It’s an emergency. Dr. Took

Lyle Hewitt is connected.

Hello, Dr. Took. How may I assist you? Lyle Hewitt

I have a patient who has expressed intent to kill his brother. Dr. Took

He said he has a plan and there’s a gun in the house. Dr. Took

His username is patientzero. Dr. Took

That’s troubling, indeed. How can I help? Lyle Hewitt

I have a duty to warn his brother, but the patient has chosen to remain anonymous. Dr. Took

I need his information so I can fulfill my legal obligation to report. Dr. Took

If he has chosen to remain anonymous, I cannot help you. Lyle Hewitt

Don’t you have his personal information? Dr. Took

We require only a username, an email address, and a valid credit card. Lyle Hewitt