Hooked SafeHaven – Episode 3: Duty Full Story

How am I supposed to proceed without his name or address? Dr. Took

You may urge him to call 911 or go to his nearest emergency room. Lyle Hewitt

I have encouraged him to contact the authorities and he has refused several times. Dr. Took

I need to locate his brother. Dr. Took

I’m afraid I can’t help you. Lyle Hewitt

I cannot release his email address or payment information to you. Lyle Hewitt

Why not? Dr. Took

We have a strict code of confidentiality here at SafeHaven. Lyle Hewitt

And I have a duty to break confidentiality when someone’s life is in danger. Dr. Took

Regardless, I don’t have your customer’s identifying information. Lyle Hewitt

Isn’t it negligent to treat someone without the proper paperwork? Dr. Took

You provide the treatment, Dr. Took. We merely provide the platform for your services. Lyle Hewitt

Remember, you are an independent freelancer and not a SafeHaven employee. Lyle Hewitt

It is up to you to collect the necessary patient information at your discretion. Lyle Hewitt

The service agreement that users sign when they register with SafeHaven specifically states that users may remain anonymous. Dr. Took