Hooked SafeHaven – Episode 5: Review Full Story

SafeHaven chat. 02/15/17 11:14 AM.

Lyle Hewitt is connected.

Dr. Took is connected.

Hello, Dr. Took. Thank you for being on time to your performance review. Lyle Hewitt

Hello, Mr. Hewitt. Dr. Took

I have looked over your recent statistics. Lyle Hewitt

I am pleased to see that two of your existing customers have reenrolled for another three months of services. Lyle Hewitt

Thank you. Dr. Took

I take it you have given due thought to our conversation about customer retention rates? Lyle Hewitt

Yes. Dr. Took

Good. Lyle Hewitt

Keep in mind that your first six months with SafeHaven is a probationary period. Lyle Hewitt

It is imperative that you follow management’s direction and recommendations regarding retention. Lyle Hewitt

Of course. Dr. Took