Hooked Seeing is Believing Full Story

hey, you up? Sarah

I am now. it’s 3 in the morning, sarah. what do you want? Mike

something weird is going on, and I just didn’t know who else to talk to Sarah

really? you couldn’t think of someone you didn’t just break up with to text at 3am? Mike

it’s just…I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d watch late night infomercials Sarah

so I turned on the shopping channel, but it’s not infomercials Sarah

it’s this weird video Sarah

what kind of video? Mike

it’s like a night vision recording of a basement Sarah

it’s really creepy Sarah

are you sure you’re on the right channel? Mike

yeah, I’m sure. and all the other channels are normal. Sarah

maybe it’s just a really weird infomercial Mike

this is really freaking me out Sarah

can you turn on your tv and see if you see it too? Sarah

is this really why you woke me up? Mike