Hooked Shopping For Love Full Story

Hello? I found this phone in the cinema toilets. Is this Jason? Olivia

Hello! You’ve found my sister’s phone. She lost it earlier today. Jason

I’ll tell her that someone found it! 😊 What’s your name? Jason

Olivia. Or Liv Olivia

OK Liv. 😊 Where are you atm? So she can come and get it from you later? Jason

I’m downstairs at the mall. Near the ice cream place Olivia

I’m not far from there actually! I might come and get it if that’s OK? Jason

Yeah that’s cool I’m just hanging out Olivia

I’m queueing atm but I’ll be along in a bit Jason

Where are you queueing? Olivia

The toy store upstairs… Jason

Haha what are you buying? Olivia

Christmas present for my little brother Jason

Aww cute! 😊 What are you getting him? Olivia

A teddy bear that looks like an astronaut Jason

OMG that is so sweet. How old is he? Olivia