Hooked Snakebite – Part 2 Full Story

Daria, before I let you in, tell me the truth. Emma

Are you here to exterminate the snakes? Emma

What are you talking about?? Daria

I’m here because I got notified that one of the refrigerators malfunctioned. Daria

You’re lying. Emma

James already told me everything. Emma

You’re here to kill them because they escaped. Emma

Alright, fine. Let’s cut the BS. Daria

Saving these snakes is useless. Daria

We have another generation already incubating. Daria

And believe me – the new ones are even better. Daria

Listen to yourself! Emma

You’re a monster. Emma

You don’t care about the snakes at all… Emma

You only care about their venom and what you can sell it for. Emma

If you want to live, you’re gonna open the door for me, RIGHT NOW. Daria