Hooked Speed Dating Full Story


What’s tonight???? Ella

The night I meet my soul mate. Missi

Oh right, speed dating. Ella

It’s called Elite Dating, actually. Because I am a career woman who doesn’t have time for real dates. Missi

Okay, good luck with that. Ella

So you’re coming over right?? Missi

Why would I do that? Ella

I need you to approve my outfits. Missi

You never like what I pick out. Ella

pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee Missi

ok I would, but I have to study tonight. Ella

Ew, med school sucks. You’re never free!! Missi

It’s a good thing I met Josh in college. Definitely don’t have time now, not even for speed dating. Ella

Sure you’re not sick of Josh yet? Missi

I’m not doing speed dating with you. Ella