Hooked Storm Clouds Full Story

ok u win Bailey. where are u? Cody

i’ll pick u up and take u home Cody

go to hell Cody! Bailey

what? yr still mad? Cody

are u going to wander all over the bald prairie under the hot sun all afternoon? Cody

Bailey? Cody

i’m sorry i yelled at u. ok? Cody

now tell me where u are so i can pick u up and we can Cody

we go for a pleasant Sunday drive in the country and u kick me out of yr truck! Bailey

u abandon me in the middle of nowhere! Bailey

u told me to ‘stop the fucking truck’ and let u out on the side of the highway!! Cody

u started the argument!! Bailey

i only said we shouldn’t get married until Cody

u drove off Bailey

u left me Bailey

you told me to fuck off! i fucked off! Cody