Hooked Storm Clouds Full Story

ok c’mon bails…i’m still on highway 58. turning around and heading back. Cody

where are Cody

holy shit! where did the sun go!? Cody

Bailey…it’s gotten really dark all of a sudden… Bailey

jesus those are some huge black clouds Cody

where are u Cody? i need to pick u up. quick Cody

do u want to pick me up Cody? 😐 Bailey

YES. that’s a helluva lot of lightning! Cody

and thunder! the ground just shook!! Bailey

where are u bails? Cody

i…i’m not sure Bailey

i’m in an open field. a plowed field… Bailey

i walked. stomped a long way off from the highway i guess 🙁 Bailey

i don’t see any farmhouses or barns or anything Bailey

holy shit! the wind just about blew my truck right off the highway! Cody