Hooked Stranded Full Story

mom i need some help Wendy

What happened? Are you heading home from the party? Mom

i was coming home like i told u, but i just had a flat Wendy

A flat tire? Mom

ya Wendy

Weird. I thought we got your tires rotated just last week. Mom

did, mustve messed with them instead Wendy

Did it just go out on you? The tire. Mom

front right Wendy

driving and a loud bang, car swerved a bit, then i stopped got out and saw the flat Wendy

walked down the road, but nothing sharp i could see so it must be the people who rotated them Wendy

Where are you? Mom

market rd Wendy

there is no one out here. kinda creepy Wendy

2 in the morning. Doesn’t surprise me. Mom

But you’re close? Market’s only about 10 min away. Mom