Hooked The Burn Game – Part 2 Full Story

Hey Topher. Graham

Long time, no chat. Graham

Graham, my man. Topher

How’s it going? Graham

Just doing a little pre-exercise stretching. Topher

Gotta stay fit. 😉 Topher

SO when do you think you’re going start the “burn game,” on my ex-fiancee? Graham

You didn’t tell me you were engaged. Topher

Not technically engaged. But close. Graham

Uh-huh… Topher

I picked out a ring. It was a Marquise. Graham

Expensive cut. Topher

Well, it would be nice to start making back that investment. Graham

Funny you should reach out. I’m about to start the game right now. Topher

By stretching? Graham

Yes. In order to chase your lovely lady through the park. 🙂 Topher