Hooked The Burn Game – Part 3 Full Story

Vera. Casey

I know you’re there… Casey

Hi Casey. Vera

Ready for your big date? 😉 Casey

If you mean ready to bring this creep down, then yes. Vera

How far are you going to let it go? Casey

According to the file he’s going to wine and dine me, sleep with me, then dump me. Vera

So, you’re going all the way? Casey

NO. I’m not sleeping with him. Vera

I’m going to make him think he’s got a chance… Vera

and then on our fourth date, you post the article. Vera

So you’re setting the editorial schedule now? Casey

I want to see the look on his face. Vera

But for tonight it’s just playing along right? Casey

For tonight it’s all wine and roses. Vera

Well, good luck. Keep me in the loop. Casey