Hooked The Burn Game – Part 5 Full Story

Ready for tonight? Casey

Just putting on my gloss. Vera

What are you wearing? Casey

The strappy red dress. I want him to see what he’ll be missing. Vera

Ok. Article drops in a half hour. Going to make it on time? Casey

Should just be sitting down to dinner. Vera

Are you running the picture I sent you? Vera

The one of him and that woman jewelry shopping? Yeah. Where did you get it anyway? Casey

Can’t betray my source. Vera

It’s not Graham is it? Casey

No… Vera

Because you forwarded the e-mail from GoldenGrahams@Yahoo.com. Casey

Vera? You’re not back with Graham, are you? Casey

It’s complicated. Vera

No, it’s not. He’s the jerk who hired this guy, remember? Casey

Because he knew I’d take the assignment. Vera