Hooked The Clowns – Official – Part 2 Full Story

You’re saying the clown that was chasing you just now… Ariel

Was my boyfriend? Ariel

I know it was him. Lauren

But you barely know him! Ariel

I’m 100% certain. Lauren

Even under the makeup, I could see his birthmark. Lauren

Oh my god… Ariel

This explains why he was acting so weird. Ariel

What do you mean? Lauren

Earlier today, he was being all emo. Ariel

He was really out of it. Ariel

Every time I tried to take a selfie, he pushed my hand down. Ariel

I mean, can you blame him? Lauren

You take like a million selfies a day. Lauren

This isn’t a joke Lauren! Ariel

He was really angry about something. Ariel