Hooked The Clowns – Official – Part 3 Full Story

I know what bait will draw in the clowns. Drew

Think about it. We’re outcasts. Drew

Stop saying “we.” Ariel

The clowns want to get revenge on everyone who snubbed them. Drew

That means the popular kids. Drew

The perfect ones. Drew

People like you. Drew

What’s that supposed to mean? Ariel

You’re the most beautiful girl in school. Drew

You’re our best chance to lure the clowns! Drew

They won’t be able to resist the opportunity to bring you down. Drew

So what are you suggesting exactly?? Ariel

I just lie down and let them gas me? Ariel

No. Drew

We put you at the top of Splash Mountain. Drew

You can climb up the maintenance ladder and stand above the waterfall. Drew