Hooked The Delivery Full Story

Hi Francesca, this is Jake your UPS delivery driver for today. Jake

Your parcel will arrive between 1 and 2pm this afternoon. Your tracking number is 494839202. Jake

an hour later

Hey you want a better deal? 😉 Jake

Hello? Francesca

Hey it’s Jake your UPS delivery driver Jake

I know that Francesca

Well do you want a better deal Francesca? Jake

What do you mean? Francesca

I mean I’m quitting this crappy job, and I wondered if you wanted any of the other parcels in my van? Jake

Since you’re the last house I’m gonna visit before I pack this job in Jake

Really?? Francesca

Sure Jake

I reckon there’s 5+ iphones here at least, and that’s just the small packages Jake

Wow thanks Francesca

Won’t UPS find out where you dropped them off though? Francesca