Hooked The Doors of Life & Death Full Story

Where am I? Mike

Who’s this? How did you get Mike’s number Mia

Mia? What do you mean – It’s me, Mike! Mike

Mike is in a coma. Whoever you are this isn’t funny. Just stop Mia

I’m in a coma? Mike

STOP THIS. I’m sitting next to Mike in the hospital Mia

But I can hear your voice Mike

You are REALLY trying my nerves here Mia

Mia it’s me! I’ll prove it to you: Mike

I know about your sister being a lesbian … Mike

Omg only Mike knows that Mia

Exactly Mike

Is it … is it really you? Mia

Well of course Mike

But you’re right here … IN A COMA Mia

It’s weird … Sort of dark Mike