Hooked The Five Year Promise – Part 2 Full Story

Hello fellow cupid-in-arms. 🙂 Kali

What are we armed with? Crossbows? Ben

Sure. With love arrows. 🙂 Kali

God. All right. Enough with the cupid stuff. Ben

What’s the matter? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Kali

It’s noon here. Ben

Oh, right. Kali

When does Andy arrive? Ben

Should be here any minute. Kali

He’s going straight from the airport. You know he’s really excited about this. Ben

Is he? Great. Kali

I mean, it’s like his dream come true. Being published. Ben

Is it? Kali

Is there something you’re not telling me? Ben

No. Kali

Then what’s the problem? Ben