Hooked The Five Year Promise – Part 3 Full Story

Ben? Kali

BEN! Kali

You can’t keep ignoring me! Kali

You know some people have better things to do than meddle in their best friends’ lives. Ben

We’re not meddling. We’re fixing things! Kali

Right. Because it was all our fault in the first place… 🙂 Ben

It was! We broke them up! Kali

On Thanksgiving Eve 2014… Ben

Do you remember it any differently? Oh, wait. You don’t remember ANYTHING. Kali

I do remember. Some things. We were at a bar… Ben

Becca and Andy were meeting a bunch of their high school friends. Kali

There were jagerbombs… Ben

Disgusting. But, yes. Kali

It’s all a little bit fuzzy after that. Ben

SHOCKER. Let me refresh your memory. I saved my texts with Becca from that night. Kali

From two years ago? Ben