Hooked The Five Year Promise – Part 4 Full Story

Who’s excited for the big day? 🙂 Ben

Apparently you are? Kali

I’m kind of nervous. Kali

What’s to be nervous about? I’ve got it covered. Ben

Cause things went so well the first time… Kali

That was your plan. Ben

All right, hot stuff, how’s it looking? Kali

Gallery opening begins at 6. I told Andy to arrive at 6:30. Ben

Gives her time to settle in. Ben

I can’t believe you got Becca’s paintings shown in an NYC gallery! Kali

Pulled a few strings. Worked some connections 😉 Ben

Becca should have landed an hour ago. She’s probably already in Manhattan. Kali

Oh, the gallery’s not in Manhattan. Ben

It’s not? Where is it? Kali

Bushwick. Ben

Is that even a place? Kali