Hooked The Five Year Promise – Part 5 Full Story

Are you here yet? Ben

Not yet. We’re in the car. Kali

I’ve got butterflies. Kali

Yeah, my stomach probably resembles a pretzel. Ben

Can you believe the reunion is at the same bar as Thanksgiving Eve 2014? Kali

I can. The universe works in surprising ways. Ben

Think our plan will work? Kali

Should we go over it one more time? Ben

All right. Step one, we get rid of the pretenders. Kali

Karen and Writer Guy. Ben

His name is Justin. Kali

He’ll always be Writer Guy to me. Ben

Still can’t believe they’re bringing them! Kali

It’s a defense mechanism. They don’t want to appear alone. Ben

Whatever. So we distract Justin and Karen. Kali

So that the waiter delivers two cards. Ben