Hooked The Samaritan Full Story

Hello? Jimmy

Listen to me very carefully. There’s a man entering the building. Unknown

He’ll be at the 9th floor in seven minutes. He’s here to kill you. Unknown

What? Who is this? Jimmy

Doesn’t matter. Just a good samaritan, trying to save your life. Unknown

Who is this? How did you get my number? Jimmy

I looked it up. It was right under “Idiots who ask stupid questions while their life is on the line.” Unknown

Oh, ok. I’m hanging up now. Jimmy

The black van outside your house. Unknown

What? Jimmy

It’s been there for three weeks. Hasn’t moved once. I know you’ve seen it. Unknown

I…How did you know about that? Jimmy

And sometimes you feel like you’re being watched, right? And when you look around Unknown

I see this guy sometimes. Almost like he’s… Jimmy

Following you. Exactly. Unknown

Look, I’ll be glad to give you my life’s story just as soon as I’m done saving your life. Five minutes left, pal. Unknown