Hooked The XY Experiments – Part 6 Full Story

Jess, are you there? Anna

Yes. The Monkey is just about to take down the security system so I can get inside the building Jess

Wait five minutes, til the girls are all in their rooms at 2am Anna

Is Eve in place? Anna

Yeah, I left her with my friend Teddy at the bus down the road like we said. Jess

Ah, yes. She just texted me he’s looking at her weird Anna

He’s harmless. Probably just stoned. Jess

And you have him driving the getaway bus!!? Anna

How do you think he drives it the rest of the time?? Jess

For fuck’s sake. I knew this was a mistake Anna

I’m sorry I couldn’t track down James Bond and his stretch Escalade. And we don’t have time to argue. Jess

Are you by the back door? Anna

Yes. Jess

There might be a guard there Anna

I already took care of him Jess

What does that mean? Anna