Hooked Ugly Duckling – Part 3 Full Story

Are you there? Bella

FGM? Bella

Hello? Bella

I wanted to say thank you. Bella

I’m having the most amazing night of my life. Bella

And it’s all because of you. Bella

It’s because I’m beautiful. Bella

Beau picked me up at my house in a white limo tonight. Bella

He looked so hot. He wore a silver suit with a bright blue tie… Bella

The same color as his gorgeous blue eyes. Bella

I wore a long, sparkling white dress. Bella

Beau brought me a beautiful blue corsage to match his tie. Bella

We took pictures in the park. Bella

My parents looked so happy seeing us together. Bella

They looked proud. Bella

Then we went for a ride around the lake. Bella