Hooked Ugly Duckling – Part 4 Full Story

HELLO?! Bella

Are you there? Bella

I need to talk to you. Bella

Yes, my pretty? Fairy Godmother


What more can I do for you, dear Bella? Fairy Godmother

I made you beautiful. Isn’t that what you wanted? Fairy Godmother

Beau just dumped me in front of the entire school. Bella

When I got up in front of everyone and couldn’t sing… Bella

He said I was ugly… Bella

Because I sounded ugly! Bella

And he just dumped me. Bella

And said I didn’t deserve to be queen ☹ Bella

Everyone was laughing and making fun of me. Bella

What about all of your pretty new friends? Fairy Godmother

They’re not my friends. At least not anymore. Bella