Hooked Where Is She?! – Part 2 Full Story

I can’t hear the baby anymore… Tiffany

God, it’s cold down here. Tiffany

And so dark I can’t see a thing. Tiffany

Well, you shouldn’t be going down there! Mom

Mom, will you cool it please? Tiffany

Oh great. The light on the stairs isn’t working. Tiffany

Just my luck! Tiffany

Please be careful, Tiffany. Mom

I’m fine, I’m using my cell phone light. Tiffany

Geez, I haven’t been down here in a long time. Tiffany

This place is really creepy… Tiffany

It’s just a basement. Mom

A place for people to store their junk. Mom

So WHY would dad bring a newborn down here?! Tiffany

It’s so dark and cold… Tiffany

Something doesn’t feel right. Tiffany