Hooked Wrong Number Full Story

I got the child. Call the father, right now, before he calls the police. 213768879

and meet tonight, 2am, Maple Street. 213768879

Five minutes later

have you called him? 213768879

Ten minutes later

Gretchen! Answer me! 213768879

sorry, you got the wrong number. Emily

ridiculous! Gretchen, I won’t let you duck out. 213768879

I’m not Gretchen. Wrong number Emily

seriously, stop it. We’re in this together 213768879

I’m not Gretchen. Emily

why are you not picking up? 213768879

because I don’t know you and I don’t wanna talk to you! Emily

or maybe because you don’t want me to hear your voice!! 213768879

leave me alone. Emily

is John with you? 213768879