Hooked You and A.I. Full Story

hey babe, what are you up to? I’ve been thinking and I want us to spend more time talking. Avery

Not let it get bottle up and explode into a fight. Avery

we used to text for hours. Avery

Just about how much in love we are. Avery

I know. I’ve just been really busy. Leah

I have to finish writing this article for Scientific American. Leah

you can talk to my A.I? Leah

your robot is not you. Why don’t you just let it write the article? Avery

don’t call her that. It’s such an antiquated term. Leah

yeah, I should let my A.I talk about the future of artificial intelligence. Leah

That would be a trip for the scientific community. Leah

She’s good at processing date for interpersonal communication, but she’s not creative yet. Leah

she can imitate creativity, but it’s not genuine. Leah

so you’ll let her solve our relationship problems for you? Avery

don’t be so close-minded. You’ve never interacted with her. Leah

I’ve downloaded onto her everything there is to know about me: Leah