Hooked You Are My Best Friend Full Story

U coming? Been waiting 4ever Joey

Mom’s making me clean first. Taking a while. Sam

She’s a bitch dude I’m waiting. Joey

Watch yourself. Sam

Whatever. Joey

You know what I’m not coming anymore. Sam

Do u even know what ur missing out on? This is our first real high school party. U r gonna regret this. Joey

Don’t care. Have fun showing up by yourself. Maybe next time if you can stop being such an ass for once Sam

K. Joey

two hours later

Hey sam ii am sorry abadout earlier. Joey

Are you drunk? Sam

Maybe a lil hgagaah Joey

Just be careful. Don’t get in anyones car if they’ve been drinking. Sam

Ya dontt worry Rachhel took every1’s keyysad Joey

Alright. We’re cool. I’ll see you tomorrow if you still want to chill. Sam